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To become a global go-to educational experience for pulmonologists and associated medical professionals, looking to stay up to date with current practices and new treatments in all fields of pulmonology, for better patient outcomes.


We believe that the path to better clinical outcomes and adoption of medical innovation passes through continuous education. That is why our aim is to continuously engage with pulmonologists from around the world, that are at the forefront of patient management, to discuss pressing issues, clinical evidence, and advance mainstream physician practice.

Who we are

Pulmonology on Air team has many years of experience in the healthcare sector and the creation of online medical content. Its target is to support the medical faculty, researchers, and all other professionals that are on board with our mission to spread medical knowledge

How we do it

We offer experienced physicians and innovators from across the world a platform to share their insights on better patient management, and the use of new treatments and technologies with the unique mission to democratize access to existing or new knowledge.

Target audience

We welcome all pulmonologists to contribute with medical audio-visual content and invite all medical practitioners, irrespective of their experience, to continue learning through their peers, through Pulmonology on Air.


On our journey to spread medical knowledge, we look for partners that share our mission and are willing to join us, counting on their insights and expertise. We have created a unique mechanism to not only reach out to clinicians but to effectively engage with them and achieve high levels of fidelity. It is our belief that this kind of partnership, between physicians and industry, is fundamental to the advancement of medicine and to better patient outcomes.