At Intuitive, we innovate with intention to deliver transformative toolsets that empower hospitals and clinicians to reimagine how the world’s most challenging disease states are addressed, from the bronchoscopy suite to the C-suite. With a singular focus on expanding the potential of physicians to heal without constraints, we’ve spent the last 28 years pioneering robotic-assisted surgery across the globe, raising the bar for what physicians and patients can expect of minimally invasive surgical experiences and outcomes.
In service of this mission, 10 years ago, we turned our sights to the broader patient journey, looking beyond surgery to understand where minimally invasive robotics could benefit earlier disease identification and diagnosis. With an average 5-year survival rate of only 18% in 20111, lung cancer is where we set our sights, and in 2019, we introduced the Ion Endoluminal System to the US market.

Today, in alignment with the physicians, care teams, and administrators with whom we partner, Intuitive aims to help create a future in which lung cancer is detected early, diagnosed quickly, and treated with unprecedented precision to fundamentally transform the survivability of today’s deadliest cancer worldwide. Powered by the collective dedication and innovation of >650 endoluminal business unit employees, collaboration with >400 world-class thoracic oncology program leaders, lessons learned from >55,000 procedures performed to-date, and 28 years of experience collaboratively building programs that have modernized standards of care, we know that creating better outcomes requires much more than a robot.

From our leading-edge, integrated systems, software, and services to our unparalleled track record of rapid, meaningful innovation, you can trust Intuitive to keep your hospital at the forefront of lung cancer care. By choosing Intuitive, our partners gain access to:

1. The first and only shape-sensing bronchoscopic biopsy platform: Designed to enhance reach, precision, and stability, Ion’s proprietary shape-sensing technology platform affords unprecedented bronchoscopic access to all 18 segments of the lung, empowering clinicians to deliver earlier answers to their patients with confidence across a broader range of nodule sizes, locations, and types.

2. An unparalleled level of support for your thoracic oncology program: Intuitive’s comprehensive ecosystem of support services and digital intelligence provides clinicians and executives access to data-driven insights that can help accelerate your program’s development and open access for more patients to get the answers they need.
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3. A platform for the future: We are committed to continuously improving the value of our systems and services offerings by delivering consistent and meaningful innovations, ensuring they are empowered with access to the platform of the future that will continually advance lung care for years to come.

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