LoveForLungs – Elevating the Standard in Interventional Pulmonology

At Olympus, we are passionate about the solutions we create for the medical industry. For more than 100 years, Olympus has focused on making people’s lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling by helping to detect, prevent and treat disease and furthering scientific research. 

As the world leader in endoscopy and provider of the full range of products along your workflow in Interventional Pulmonology – bronchoscopes, endobronchial ultrasound solutions as well as a broad portfolio of sampling and therapeutic devices – Olympus is your one-stop supplier for most interventional pulmonology procedures. This is what we call All-In-One-Lung-Solutions.

We care about achieving the best results in Interventional Pulmonology, and we know you do too. Our passion and experience have translated into this advanced portfolio of minimally-invasive pulmonology solutions, enabling you to elevate your clinical practice and may help you to deliver better clinical outcomes, reduce overall costs, and enhance the quality of life for patients. 

With our decades of experience and as the pioneer in endobronchial ultrasound, Olympus continually innovates and provides cutting-edge technology to pulmonologists and thoracic surgeons around the globe, supporting progress and continuous advancement of interventional pulmonology procedures.

In 2020 Olympus launched EVIS X1, our most advanced endoscopy system to date. The launch of EVIS X1 further strengthens our leadership in medical endoscopy, introducing a range of new, easy-to-use technologies that aim to revolutionize the way pulmonary disorders can be detected, characterized and sampled.

The new Lung-Term Learning initiative from Olympus and various Medical Training offers further strengthen the full-solution offering as there’s nothing quite as effective as learning from experts in their respective fields. Olympus invites you to watch the Lung-Term Learning videos, where renowned experts share procedure-and education-related tips and tricks on how to further improve procedural outcomes and actively participate by sharing your burning questions. Discover more for yourself today, so you can perform at your best tomorrow.

Olympus is your trusted partner in advancing Interventional Pulmonology and elevating the standard of care – together with you.


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