Yuji Matsumoto

Title: PhD
Position: Physician
Organization: National Cancer Center Hospital (NCCH), Tokyo
Country: Japan

Yuji Matsumoto is a physician at the National Cancer Center Hospital (NCCH), Tokyo, Japan, where he leads respiratory endoscopic procedures mainly for thoracic tumors. The NCCH is one of the best oncology hospitals in Japan and he has performed the most respiratory endoscopic procedures in Japan. He graduated from Kagoshima University School of Medicine with an MD in 2006, and after completing his initial residency program, he started his career as a diagnostic radiologist including interventional procedures. In 2009, he began his residency in the Division of Diagnostic Radiology at the National Cancer Center Hospital East, Chiba, Japan. In 2012, he further developed his skills in lung cancer treatment as a senior resident in the Division of Thoracic Oncology at the same hospital. He has been in his current position since 2014 as a hybrid position of these knowledge and experience. He has been active in clinical research on respiratory endoscopy. He received his PhD from Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine in 2016 during his research career, and has also received many awards, listed below. 1. APSR 2015 Travel Award 2. APCB 2017 Travel Award 3. APSR 2018 Young Investigator Award 4. The 43rd Annual Meeting of JSRE Excellent Abstract 5. APSR 2021 Assembly Education Award His recent major research interest is a utility of cryobiopsy for peripheral pulmonary lesions, and he has published “Diagnostic Outcomes and Safety of Cryobiopsy Added to Conventional Sampling Methods: An Observational Study. Chest. 2021;160(5):1890–1901.” As related papers, he also reported “Diagnostic efficacy of cryobiopsy for peripheral pulmonary lesions: A propensity score analysis. Lung Cancer. 2023;178:220–228.” and “Diagnostic value of a new cryoprobe for peripheral pulmonary lesions: a prospective study. BMC Pulm Med. 2022;22(1):226.”. He has also served as the first or corresponding author of various other papers on innovations of techniques and improvements of diagnostic accuracy.