Today, the majority of lung cancer patients are diagnosed at a late stage making lung cancer the number one cause of cancer death worldwide. Early detection and treatment are critical to ensure better outcomes and quality of life for lung cancer patients. Azurion Platform assists physicians in achieving high diagnostic yield and enables new minimally invasive therapy with intuitive and easy to learn 3D Cone beam CT imaging, visualization, and measurements tools.

The software portfolio comprises SmartCT, part of the Azurion IGT platform, offering clear guidance designed to remove the barriers to acquiring 3D images in the interventional lab, and allows any clinical user* to perform 3D imaging regardless of their level of experience. XperGuide Ablation offers planning, guidance, and monitoring for percutaneous tumor ablation procedures.

Key benefits:

  • Assists physicians in achieving high diagnostic yield
  • Enables minimally invasive therapy
  • Advanced 3D image acquisition, visualization, and measurement tools that are intuitive and easy to learn

*Evaluated with clinical users in a simulated lab environment with a total of 17 teams consisting of a physician and a radio-tech with different levels of experience.