Konstantina Kontogianni

Title: MD
Position: Senior Physician
Organization: Thoraxklinik Heidelberg
Country: Germany

Dr. Konstantina Kontogianni got her MD degree in 2000. Her post diplomatic education includes: Registrar in respiratory medicine in 1st Respiratory Medicine Department, University of Athens Medical School, Athens, Greece and 3 months training in Interventional Respiratory Medicine at Centre for Respiratory Medicine in Oxford, UK. She became a Specialist in Respiratory Medicine in 2011 and after that worked for NHS in the UK, as Specialist Registrar. While working in Oxford Centre for Respiratory Medicine, Dr Kontogianni was granted the Level 1 Certificate of competence in Trans-Thoracic Ultrasound, according to the BTS requirements. Since then she has been teaching thoracic ultrasound every year for the ERS skills workshop. During her residency she was actively engaged in Interventional Pulmonology (IP), which soon became her main field of interest. In 2012 Dr Kontogianni was granted the Long Term Fellowship from European Respiratory Society and she has been learning and working as a fellow for one year with Prof. Herth in Thoraxklinik Heidelberg, Germany. There she has been trained in all aspects of IP. Starting in 2014 and until present, she is working in Thoraxklinik Heidelberg as a specialist in respiratory medicine in the Department of Interventional Pulmonology. Dr Kontogianni has been granted her PhD from the University of Athens Medical School in 06/2015 with grade: Excellent. She has contributed to study design and execution, patient selection, data collection, data analysis and manuscript preparation in several prospective randomized controlled clinical trials and several ongoing research projects regarding IP. She has also been an invited speaker for the ERS congress and has numerous oral presentations and abstracts presented in national and international congresses. Dr Kontogianni has been awarded from ERS in 2013 the teaching certificate for IP, in 2016 the ERS Interventional Pulmonology Travel Grant, in 2018 the ERS-EBUS certificates part 1, 2 and 3. Since 2014 she is a member of the European Respiratory Society College of Experts and has been reviewing ERS fellowships for the past 8 years.