Body Vision Medical specializes in AI-driven, intraoperative CT imaging with the aim of saving lives through the democratization of innovative medical technology.

Its first commercial product, LungVision™, addresses the unmet clinical need for early, definitive lung cancer diagnosis and, in the future, will enable effective treatment of lung lesions via a minimally-invasive procedure. Historically, bronchoscopists have struggled to obtain diagnostic tissue from suspicious lung lesions because they cannot see the lesion and lesion location during diagnostic bronchoscopy.

Body Vision Medical’s LungVision™ System overcomes this by allowing bronchoscopists to see the actual lesion and lesion location intraoperatively in real-time so that they can precisely navigate to the lesion and visually confirm that they are indeed taking tissue samples from the lesion during biopsy. Because Body Vision is a real-time, intraoperative imaging technology that does not rely on preoperative CT, CT-to-body divergence is nonexistent. There is no other technology readily accessible to bronchoscopists that provides this kind of real-time, intraoperative 3D imaging and image-guided biopsy while also being clinically proven to maximize likelihood of diagnosis.

Body Vision’s intraoperative CT imaging empowers bronchoscopists to biopsy from smaller, more difficult-to-access lung lesions at an earlier stage, thus maximizing the likelihood of an early diagnosis for lung cancer patients and improving odds for survival.

Body Vision has partnered with Moss S.P.A., a well-known medical device distributor in Europe, to support expansion into the European market. 

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