Broncus Medical, Inc.® is a publicly traded global healthcare company.  The Company’s mission is to deliver advanced navigation, diagnostic and therapeutic technologies designed to improve the lives of patients with lung disease through early detection and treatment. 

As a leader in the diagnosis and treatment of lung disease, Broncus Medical continues to partner with clinicians from around the world to answer the biggest challenges in pulmonary medicine through innovative solutions.

The Archimedes® system is a next-generation virtual bronchoscopic navigation system developed from years of experience and clinical feedback.  Archimedes integrates CT, pattern recognition software, and fused fluoroscopy to provide real-time airway navigation and Bronchoscopic Trans-Parenchymal Nodule Access (BTPNA).  The technology combines state-of-the-art nodule, vessel and airway mapping features along with virtual pathway guidance to ensure a safe and efficient airway or BTPNA procedure.  The proprietary software and design allow for the use of any bronchoscope and existing off-the-shelf tools during airway navigation and a simple access kit for BTPNA.

Bronchoscopic Thermal Vapor Ablation® (InterVapor® or BTVA®) is a non-surgical and non-implant therapy developed for emphysema.  BTVA is a simple, quick, and non-invasive procedure that typically takes less than 15 minutes and can be performed under light sedation. Vapor is delivered through a catheter to the most diseased segments of the lung. The vapor ablates the diseased tissue and the body removes the ablated tissue through the natural healing process.  In patients with severe emphysema, vapor ablation of the most diseased segments of the lung may result in clinically meaningful improvement in breathing by increasing pulmonary function. 

Broncus Medical continues to innovate and deliver lung solutions globally that improve patients’ lives through early diagnosis and treatment.

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